CT Special edition - worst and best changes

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    I was startled by SS's real life age. He never looked older than Obi-wan to me.

    I get why George altered Anakin's force ghost in light of the entire saga, but a suggestion that it had to be done because of Shaw's real life age is absolutely absurd.
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    The biggest problem isn't even so much the change as it is most of those who vehemently defend it, never analyze the actual scene for what it is. They keep defending the explanation that GL gives instead and his rationale is always off the wall and most of the time doesn't reflect what happend in the movies. Every time he tries it ends up sounding worse and people don't realize that every time you use a GL quote to explain a scene it only confirms how poorly the scene/change was done. Good writing is about giving just enough while leaving things open for the audience to draw their own conclusion.

    The best defense I've ever heard on this one was by a member in another thread specifically on this topic. @Jedi of Baker Street wrote this one:


    "I like Hayden at the end and it makes story sense to me. I believe they could choose to appear as they wished....Obi_Wan and Yoda appeared how Luke knew them but Anakin, hearing Luke's words "I am a Jedi like my father before me" chose to appear before Luke as he looked in his Jedi prime. A time in his life he felt proud of. A Jedi Knight. Return of the Jedi. I think it fits."

    Now as much as I don't like the change, I thought that was fantastic and the only one that made me think it wasn't so bad.

    But this weird obsession some have with defending anything that GL does and says instead of judging the actual art just baffles me.
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    I like it. I think the same thing only it's how Luke consciously or unconsciously chose to see the ghosts. Either way it works for me.

    Watching the entire saga in a short period of time it's nice to see Hayden. Other times it's totally taken me out of the movie when I forget he's going to show up. I've watched Return of the Jedi a couple times in a theater with the ghost change. Hayden either just goes by or people get really upset by the change, which is sort of bummer to hear after seeing the movie.
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    I agree, I don't get why this line was changed.
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    Best changes:
    All the extra Cloud city stuff
    Yavin Battle
    Shockwave effects on Alderaan/Death Star explosions
    Extra Dewbacks searching for the droids in ANH
    Millenium Falcon approaching Yavin
    Landspeeder underside blur
    Wampa beast
    Slave I pursuing the Falcon
    The extra hatch on the Falcon when Luke gets rescued
    The herd of Bathas just before the Sarlacc scene

    Worst changes
    Han shot first. Ruins the 'western' feel to the scene.
    Han meeting Jabba in docking bay 94. Yuk.
    Sarlacc Pit monster. Sometimes less is more. They should have just made it look less... rubbery and left it at that.
    All the extra nonsense at Mos Eisley
    Jedi Rocks. If I wanted to watch muppets I'd watch their show or films.

    Changes they should have made.
    Re-do the Rancor beast.
    Ditto the Tauntons (though for stop motion they were very good in parts)
    Re do the Super Star Destroyer crashing into Death Star II
    Re do the explosion of the Asteroid hitting one of the Star Destroyers in ESB
    Re do the explosion/impact where the TIE fighter tries to squeeze through the tight gap in ESB
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