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MOD The future of the Community forums [NEW DEBATE, page 30]

Discussion in 'Community' started by tom, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. tom Jedi Grand Master

    obviously this place is getting a boost from being shiny and new and that will wear off a bit. but i do think it makes a strong case for getting rid of the arena, the sci fi forums, and the amphitheater. with our ever shrinking core userbase it makes less and less sense to have everyone so fragmented. is such a move even being considered for the new permanent forums?

    (i think we should still keep the senate separate lol)
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  2. Darth Guy Force Ghost

    And still have Amph., but lock everyone other than Zaz out.
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  3. Life Jedi Master

    I hope they don't do that. A thread in the Amph and the JCC about the exact same subject would tend to be radically different in tone, depending on which forum you were in, and I liked it that way. The Amph had a particular atmosphere of its own that I appreciate. But it might be a good idea to merge JCC and the Sci-Fi forums, although I didn't frequent the Sci-Fi forums, so perhaps I should leave that judgment to those who did. Maybe they would say the same thing that I'm saying about the Amph.
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  4. tom Jedi Grand Master

    i stopped frequenting the amph because i had the exact opposite experience. different posters yes, but i thought the tone was much the same. the amphitheater was created at a time of peak forum activity as a place for in depth discussion of the fine arts and such. what it gradually evolved into is a forum where jcc type topics (tv, movies, etc.) are discussed by a different set of users. what i would like is to get all those opinions in one place. same goes for sports and science fiction discussion.
  5. Life Jedi Master

    I agree with you partly, although I think threads of the old kind were still to be found there too. But I get what you're saying. My main gripe with having everything in JCC is that the JCC moves so fast. A slightly more in-depth thread would get buried in a matter of hours. I think the approach we have now, with different labels on the threads but still having all of them visible in the same room, fulfills your ambition of attracting more users while still allowing for the option to refine your search to only threads of a specific label, making it easier to navigate and keep a discussion going.
  6. Darth Guy Force Ghost

    lol I remember how difficult it was to keep a thread on page one at 50tpp. In 2005. Now the JCC is faster than Amph, but that isn't saying much.

    Unless all the people attracted by the "novelty" of the new board actually ****ing stay.
  7. harpuah Force Ghost

    I agree with this. There's no reason why we can't have music / movie / tv / book, etc discussions here. Amph is now pretty much a ton of "list" threads with entries copied / pasted into them with very little input from users. Zaz pretty much endlessly bumps threads over and over and over. The sci fi forums are pretty much the same (from what I've seen). I agree that senate has its own vibe and enough traffic to stay separate.
  8. Life Jedi Master

    Yeah, I guess the novelty aspect of it is important to consider. I very rarely went to the JCC in the old boards, so I assumed regular traffic there used to be about half of what it is now. Is that wildly off the mark?
  9. Not a chance that we don't still have a separate sports forum on the new/permanent boards. No way in hell. And, I noticed that the default font switched from Times New Roman to whatever this is......interesting. :p And the smilies have changed, too.
  10. Grand Admiral Jello Community and Expanded Universe mod-type person

    Well, I've long been in favor of re-merging the JCC-offshoots. So that's one vote in MS. You guys just gotta convince everyone else, including the mods of those forums. :p
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  11. harpuah Force Ghost

    Start a petition, and I'll gladly sign it.
  12. I can see the argument for The Amp, because so much tv & film discussion happens in the JCC anyway. But, having a sports forum has been a plus/thrill, makes the boards better. It was difficult to get, so I hope it's not just taken away because everything was just lumped into one forum (most of the forums, anyway, not all) here at the temp board (which would be my only complaint. Let's not get ahead of ourselves/start alienating the forums users love just because we've had this temp board about about 2 seconds.
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  13. tom Jedi Grand Master

    i've been thinking this way forever. i think the arena was worth trying but it's a failed experiment. i think taking the sports discussion out of the jcc only fragments an already shrinking community. how does it make the boards better tunick?
  14. harpuah Force Ghost

    Yeah, the community is no longer large enough to justify it being so fragmented.
  15. It's not that much of a problem, is it, really, harps? You can slim down the forums without getting rid of The Arena. Having a separate place to discuss sports, tom, has been a great haven for those of us in which following sports is one of our main, if not our main hobby. Say you get rid of The Arena, you fragment that community some, as the continuous flow of sports discussion will get shuffled into the daily JCC grind. I love both forums, and would hope/figured it would stay that way.
  16. Everton Force Ghost

    The Beautiful Game thread fares very well against the "daily JCC grind".
  17. That maybe the only continuous sports thread in the JCC. :p And, I've heard the "it's making more people meet" point elsewhere on the temp boards. Say The Arena is taken away...........how many new people would actually post/take interest in sports threads (especially if they're not sports fans)? Would it really be enough to make the JCC that much more active? Really?
  18. tom Jedi Grand Master

    speak for yourself please. because as a huge sports fan, and frequent poster in the arena, i completely disagree. the point is there is no "daily jcc grind" anymore and there is plenty of room there for all kinds of discussions. ask yourself what is better, one active lively forum, or several slow to nearly dead forums?
  19. harpuah Force Ghost

    There was plenty of sports discussion in the jcc before the arena. I just don't think we need to be grouped into separate camps. Anything that would increase traffic and allow more people to interact is a good thing.
  20. Darth McClain Community Manager

    That's something that I've really enjoyed about the Arena threads here. We've had some posters who aren't Arena regulars posting in sports-related threads.

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